Mistress Belle K designs a special, private, personal world for each Submissive which each he enters when in her presence. The experience for each Submissive is a unique universe unto itself. Therefore, each Submissive worships his Mistress through an arrangement of sessions and tributes that are specific to him alone.

A Submissive of Mistress Belle K is entirely committed to her and treats her like a Goddess. They demonstrate through gifts his devotion to her, and she rewards him with attention. You can start by sending me things from my Amazon Wishlist

Mistress Belle K requires a 24 hour notice to book a session as she does not reside there. She also offers phone/video sessions at lower consultation fees. You may call her to discuss session bookings and tributes. When calling do not call from a blocked/private number as she will not answer. DO NOT text her upon initial contact or she will not see you. You may email Mistress Belle K, however she will require a phone call in order to book/finalize a session.

Any new submissive will be required to pay a small deposit via Amazon gift card to book a session. Mistress Belle K will send directions on doing so after she makes meeting arrangements with her submissive. After paying your deposit through amazon the balance for your session will be due upon arrival to her private play-space.

Please use proper protocol when contacting Mistress Belle K and be on your best behavior when you do contact her. Not all requests will be granted. Mistress Belle K is selective with whom she plays. Only sincere subs are allowed into her realm. Gifts are not expected, but they are appreciated. For a list of gifts please email Mistress Belle K directly.

A Submissive who worships with generosity will be treated with generosity.