Dominassage is built on three fundamental principles through which an individual becomes a vessel for unencumbered bliss.


As human beings we are compelled to seek pleasure.  We find it most intensely through our own bodies and the way they respond to the most basic tactile stimuli found in our environment—the brush of a silk tassel on our cheek.  We find it in the warmth of the touch of another person or ourselves.  It is even found in the simple sensations of the slow, relaxed exhale of a deep breath.  Ecstacy  lies not in the magnitude nor number of sensations but in the ability to completely and purely experience one.

We have the capacity to discover infinite layers and levels of pleasure, yet, few of us take the time required or have the knowledge to ascend the ever-climbing heights of rapture available to us.  Ignorance and fear confine us to nothing more than “the basics.”  True, transforming pleasure comes only to those who accept that our desperate desire to remain in control and to exist in a world of familiarity is the obstacle that keeps us from it.  We must let everything go before we can have it all.  Dominassage is the method, the philosophy, the experience that will show you the way.